The United States Poker Championship Was Started By Donald Trump!

Poker tournaments the likes of the World Series of Poker and The United States Poker Championship are not too dissimilar to a PGA Tour golf event. The success of the event is measured by the quality of the participants that they manage to attract, and certainly that would have a bearing on the TV show ratings along with the costly advertising rates that the networks get to charge.

Struggling Poker tournaments will inevitably draw few players especially when it comes down to quality. On the other hand when a Poker tournament flourishes, it will draw thousands of contestants and will attract a lot of the top money winner who can smell the cash from miles away just like a vulture seeking out its prey.

The World Series Of Poker which is played out in downtown Las Vegas at Binion's Horseshoe, draws the greatest players and biggest names in the game of Poker. Heck it's been going since 1973, so obviously it has developed somewhat of a reputation, but what about The United States Poker Championship that didn't start its first major televised tournament until 1996 when barely a year old? How did they manage to hit the road running and instantly become the second largest tournament in the country drawing 3,000 entries with total prize money of $4million?

Played at the Trump Tal Mahal in Atlantic City, this fledgling Poker tournament was run by well-respected administrators Jack McClelland and Jim Albrecht, the guys who are involved in the running of the World Series. With them co-ordinating and directing the action at this new east coast location, the magic of one person's name would ensure its success, that being the name of Mr. Big himself, Donald Trump.

Heading up this inaugural event in 1996 the event was to be besieged by the media's spotlight as only Trump could orchestrate. Never mind televising the series and putting it firmly on the map for the course of its future, it would occupy news slots around the country attracting the public glare as only Trump could do, hence ensuring players falling over themselves to be part of The United States Poker Championship historic gala event. Easy when one knows how, huh!