Poker Royal: Clashes with Different Themes

When I watched the game of poker on the internet and television - I have realized how far it has advanced - from being just a game wagers play on gambling establishments into games everyone can enjoy watching on television or any media. One of the most well-known and most interesting series I found was called the Poker Royale - which featured various themes on its seven-long TV Show series of exciting and enjoyable poker action. Each series was entitled differently - giving everyone something to look forward to every time it airs.

December 7, 2004 marked the beginning of this amazing series and unfortunately, it had a short-lived life, as its final series began to be aired on November 4, 2005, which was only about a year from its creation. Fortunately, although its life was short, it was amazingly able to leave 7 series of action for players to indulge with.

The First series was entitled 'The WPPA Championship', which involved about 72 players who were required to pay $5,000 each as entrance fee for them to participate in the games. The next series was a battle featuring the clash between the two genders that exist - male and female, thus the series was entitled 'Battle of the Sexes' or the Male VS Female series. The next season was an exciting fight between the renowned professionals of the game and the Hollywood stars who are enthusiasts of the game. The fourth one was a battle between young minds, or rather 'Young Bloods' - which was the title of the series, featuring the players who dwelled in the industry although they are only less than 30 years old. Another fight against Professional players was held on the fifth season, but this time, they battled Comedians - an interesting combination for sides to battle against each other. The sixth season was again, between pros and celebrities - but with a different rule, while the last one was called 'The battle of the ages' which was the opposite of 'Young Bloods', featuring players over 60 years old.

Unfortunately, Poker Royale was already put to a halt, but without a doubt, its legacy will remain - given the fact that it introduced an interesting series that showed various opposing sides which showed entertainment alongside the thrilling atmosphere of the game.