Learning more about the luxurious history of High Stakes Poker

The success of TV shows which featured the world of poker practically roared over the entire world, which was proven by the fact that many more of it continued and are still continuously being produced. Some have lived for long years while there are those which lived lesser than the other, but it doesn't change the fact that it definitely gave a mark on how amazing of a game, poker is. One of the TV Show that lived quite a while compared to others which only lasted a year that featured the game, was entitled, High Stakes Poker, broadcasted on GSN - a cable network within the US. The variation played within this series is the Texas Hold 'em No-limit, which was commonly used in other series of its type as well.

The series only lasted for almost two years - encompassing from January 16, year 2006 to year 2007, December 17. Within that time span, the series managed to show about four exciting seasons of waging action. Fortunately, it didn't stop there because by 2009, another season was made for the show. More specifically, it lived again for more than 2 years, giving birth to another three seasons - from the year 2009, March 1 to May 21, year 2011.

This TV show was filmed at various land-based waging establishment with each season - broadcasting to the entire US through television, the luxurious and extravagant world of waging. What was more stunning was the amount for buy-ins which entered a whooping minimum amount of $100,000. By some season, it increased to about half a million dollars - therefore, the pool prize for one table increased dramatically as well.

The expensive amount of buy-in, along with the lucrative and mind-blowing pool prize - up-for-grabs for the winner of the tournament, reeled in tons of professionals and amateur players alike. This luxurious set-up - from the event place itself up to the players and prizes, is truly worthy of the title High Stakes Poker. It definitely showed a greatly appealing aspect of waging - which of course, is the lucrative amount of money you could get just from playing. Whether you're a player of the game or not, when money is involved, you'll surely be excited to watch it.