Introducing you to the Ultimate Poker Challenge

The vast amount of tournaments within the industry of poker is definitely proof that it is entertained very well by the people and players alike, thus, it would definitely be comprehensible that there will be more of it which could shake the very foundations of the industry itself. On 2012, a tournament was given birth, doing just that - shaking the industry, turning into one of the most renowned and major tournaments of the game today. That tournament is known as the 'UPC' or Ultimate Poker Challenge - which was also aired as a TV show.

It was introduced to India with the combined efforts of two of the giant names within the tournament industry of the game which is the India Poker Championship along with Aces Unlimited. This astonishing combination have given birth to UPC which is now known today as one of the most prestigious competitions within the game.

In Goa, India, the idea of two or more giant names combining in order to host and create an entirely different series or tournament, is no longer a unique idea. This was already proven by 2011, as another great series known as India Pros Poker Series, was created by the joint effort of India Poker Pros along with the India Poker Series.

The organizers of the new Ultimate Poker Challenge strongly believes as well, that they could manage to raise the bar higher and make the game more prestigious, more well-known, more respected, through this amazing event or series. What they added with confidence is that this will also be more developed as both parties have come together with mutual respect along with similarities in idea which will surely help avoid internal conflicts in the future.

By its inauguration on 2012, which was held before the Asian Poker tour, they were sure that they would exceed the expectations of everyone and they were sure of the success of the event too. The Event is definitely worthwhile, and we could definitely expect that with the success of a joint-effort between two giant brand names, it is definitely comprehensible that more companies may act in joint in the near future as well - which will certainly prove to benefit them as well as the viewers.